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It’s all about intention.

As we introduce our fledgling business to the world, again and again we encounter the question; “Why an NPO?” Alarmed friends and colleagues ask “So how will you make money?”

As with anything in life, the simple answer, “We want to make a difference” does not even begin to scratch the surface of the journey that has unfolded nor does it give justice to the experiences that have shaped our thoughts and opinions along the way.

The establishment of Coefficient& is a culmination of many experiences that have crystallised over time into 5 key themes.

1. Excess does not bring happiness
In fact, excess only amplifies. If you are unhappy, having more money will only make you more miserable. If you are insecure, having power will only make you more insecure. Excess can never and will never result in a joyful life. Fast cars and expensive toys are not part of our picture of success.

2. Connection matters
So what does bring joy to our lives? Human Connection. The deep satisfaction of spending an afternoon teaching bright young minds what you know, shared experiences with people from different walks of life, the deep contentment of likeminded individuals moving together for the common good. Connection matters. And it’s often the simple and heartfelt sharing that brings more impact than any clever slide deck or innovative business model.

3. There is enough
We live with such abundance and yet we limit ourselves and one another with a scarcity mindset. There is enough work, enough food, enough money, enough time. There is enough for everyone. We don’t need to hoard our resources or protect our knowledge. It’s in the open sharing that more opportunities are unlocked than could ever have been created behind the walls of restraint, fear and scarcity.

4. Meaningful work
Doing work that means something to you makes you feel alive. Doing a J.O.B. because it pays well isn’t fun. Doing menial tasks to keep the boss happy, isn’t fun. Doing work that keeps you up at night because you are so excited about it? Now that’s fun.

5. Do what you can where you are
Every day we have the opportunity to empower and uplift those around us, in small and very practical ways. Don’t always wait for the donor funding or the government grant. While these can be huge catalysts for big change, so can the simple things.

6. Stay humble, be curious
Learning is not a finite activity, it’s a mindset. The moment you position yourself as an expert, you lose the opportunity to uncover something new, something unique. You place yourself in opposition to the person opposite you – the non-expert. There is always something new to learn and no learning is ever wasted.

7. Sustainability is not a target, it’s a way of life
We derive deep satisfaction out of the work we do – we get a kick out of every kWh or kl of water saved. But we know that sustainability is so much richer than that. It’s about how we move through the world, the honesty of our engagements, the cause and effect of every action and interaction.

Why an NPO? Because it’s all about intention.
This business is not about profit margins or shareholder value. It’s also not about takeovers or mergers and acquisitions. This business is founded on our deep desire to do meaningful work and provide those same opportunities to those around us. Work that will give us what we need to live a healthy and happy life, and be able to help others to similarly live a healthy and happy life. Work that will enrich our lives and the lives of those around us, not through personal wealth but through experiences, connection, sharing, learning and support.