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We believe in doing good work well

Who we are

CoEfficient& is a small team of passionate professionals focused on solving the big problems of our time.

We care deeply about environmental, social and economic sustainability and we believe in simple solutions to bring about radical change.

We know that everything is inter-connected and that people matter, and therefore we adopt a systems perspective and design approach to each project, providing strategic management insight, catalysing change through meaningful engagement with your team and embedding sustainability as the new business as usual.

We also know that we can’t be experts in everything. We don’t pretend to be. What we can do is bring about dynamic collaborations informed by your strategic objective and sharply focused on the bottom-line.

We believe in doing good work well. That’s why we are a registered Non-Profit Organisation operating on a social entrepreneur model reinvesting surplus funds into new projects and programs that warm our hearts and inspire our minds.

What we do

  1. Enterprise Development & Skills Development

Pivotal to sustainable economic growth is the creation of jobs and the development of small businesses.

With a particular focus on the Green Economy, CoEfficient& are passionate about connecting established organisations with start-ups, to structure enterprise development programs that will;

  • Meet broad-based black economic empowerment targets for sponsor organisations
  • Provide critical skills training and mentorship programs that will support development of start-ups
  • Create connections for collaboration on large projects,

We will attract, train and mentor SME’s based on your specifications and market requirements. Services include planning, training material development and deployment, mentorship, hand-on support and networking.

Talk to us for a bespoke enterprise development solution that will make sure that your investments reap real rewards, for your business, the beneficiaries, the community and the country,

2. Utility Management

So, you want to embark on a sustainability journey?

Start here.

CoEfficient& will help you to get a handle on where you are, and set processes and systems in place for effective management and reporting to support your sustainability journey.

Let us help you to;

  • Develop an understanding on your current usage and costs
  • Implement an effective, fit-for-purpose utility management systems that will ensure that your utility costs are firmly in control and that key criteria are elevated to the management agenda.
  • Establish, implement and manage suitable metering strategy and requirements
  • Meet your statutory reporting requirements e.g. NEMA
  • Pursue and report on incentive applications e.g. 12L and 12i
  • Effective measurement, management and reporting of resource efficiency projects.

3. Resource Efficiency

Sustainability projects are not implemented in air-conditioned offices, but on the ground, at the coal face of your business.

No matter what industry or sector you are in, engagement from the top down and the bottom up is the only way to bring about lasting change.

And change is hard. We know. But we’ve got you.

Talk to us for your resource efficiency needs

  • Development and implementation of resource efficiency program of projects including water, energy and waste including shared savings and energy performance contracting
  • Energy Management Systems (eNMS) implementation in terms of ISO 50010
  • Energy Performance Certification in terms of SANS 1544
  • Green Building Rating

Years of Experience